New Leases – 2015

OCT 2015

  • Wake Forest Square – Food Lion underwent major renovation and extended their Lease term. The parking lot underwent major improvements.
  • Peachtree Marketplace – Ingles Market extended their Lease term.

SEP 2015

Mini City II
Raleigh, NC
Ames Taping Tools signed a new Lease for 1,800SF

MAY 2015

Mini City Marketplace I
Raleigh, NC
Metro PCS – executed a new lease for 2,000sf

MAR 2015

Mini City Marketplace II
Raleigh, NC 

Boost Mobile signed a new lease for 1,020 s.f.
Holidy Travel renewed their lease agreement
Raleigh Rescue Mission Store executed a long term lease for the 25,560 s.f. former Raleigh Pool & Spa space

Park Cedar Business Park
Charlotte NC 

Perfect Finish Cleaning renewed their lease agreement
Trizon Group renewed and signed a long term lease agreement
Drafting and Design renewed their lease
Capstone Direct renewed their lease

Harrisburg Marketplace
Harrisburg, NC 

Food Lion extended their long term lease agreement

Wake Forest Square Shopping Center
Raleigh, NC
Wake Technical College of Manicuring 
executed a new lease agreement
Wake Forest Dry Cleaners renewed their lease agreement

FEB 2015

Mini City I
Raleigh, NC 

Don Betos Tacos has signed a long term lease for the space previously occupied by another restaurant

JAN 2015

Harrisburg Marketplace
Harrisburg, NC 

Dollar Tree has executed a long term renewal